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For delivery jobs, pay using our secure payment tool once your device has been fixed. If you’ve opted to use self-service, simply pay for your job once you collect your device from the fixer. Leave a review of the fixer so that others can also find a price that is best for them.

Efficient Delivery Service

Here at MyFixers, we’re all about convenience. Along with producing a single platform to compare prices across repair shops, we have also introduced an efficient and reliable delivery service that you can choose when booking a repair. One of our specialist drivers will collect your damaged phone, laptop, or tablet and then take it to your chosen fixer to be repaired. Once the repair is complete, your device will be returned safely straight back to you. And with our tracking system in place, you can track your job at every stage of the process.

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Mobile phone repairs

Whether it’s for work, or simply chatting to your friends and family, your phone is not much use after water has spilled all over it! We compare prices across phone repair shops in order to find the best price for you.

Whether it’s an Android repair or an iPhone repair, we will provide you with competitively-priced quotes from a variety of fixers. And we’ll make sure that it’s repaired quickly and efficiently so that you can get your phone back in no time at all.

Mobile phone repairs

Laptop repairs

We compare prices across local laptop repair shops so that you don’t have to waste time searching around for the best price. Our specialist fixers can provide you with quotes for a variety of issues such as faulty touchpads, broken keys, and damaged screens. And if your laptop is running slow, why fork out hundreds of pounds on a new one?

Compare prices across laptop repair shops for software repairs and diagnostics in order to save you time and money.

Laptop repairs

Tablet repairs

Tablets are pretty handy devices, but if yours happens to have a smashed screen or a few faulty buttons, they become not so handy. Here at MyFixers, we compare prices for tablet repairs, ranging from iPads, to Samsung Galaxy and Amazon Fire tablets.

Book a repair today to get your tablet repaired quickly and hassle-free.

Tablet repairs

Apple Repairs

Apple repairs

Here at MyFixers, you can compare prices for Apple repair services offered by repair shops near you. The Fixers on our site are specialists in repairing a wide range of Apple products, from iPads and MacBooks, to the latest iPhones. We also compare repair prices for a variety of Apple issues, such as draining batteries, cracked or smashed screens, and broken buttons. There is a Fixer near you who will able to replace damaged or broken batteries and screens, and diagnose any other issues that your favourite Apple product might have. Book a repair today to get your Apple device fixed quickly and hassle-free.

Apple Repairs

Samsung Repairs

Samsung repairs

We compare repair prices across leading Samsung device repair shops for Samsung mobile phones and tablets. If your latest Samsung Galaxy phone or Samsung Galaxy tablet is facing common damage issues such as a cracked screen or an overheating battery, then book a repair with one of our specialist Fixers to get your Samsung device repaired hassle-free. Or if you’re not quite sure what’s exactly up with your device, then why not try booking in for a quick diagnostic service.

Samsung Repairs

Device Repairs Made Easy

We compare prices across tablet, laptop, and phone repair shops near you. Whether you have a cracked screen or a damaged battery, we will provide you with quotes from a variety of specialist fixers. Simply enter your details at the top of this page and choose from a list of local fixers offering competitive quotes.

You do not have to even leave the comfort of your own home as we use specialist delivery drivers who will collect your device from you and securely take it to the repair shop. And once the repair is complete, they will drop it straight back off to you. Our tracking system means you do not have to worry about the whereabouts of your device: we will update you every step of the way. We cover a range of devices, so whether your damaged MacBook or iPhone has a broken screen, or your latest Samsung has issues with its charging port, we will provide you with fixers no matter the device.

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