How it works

Get your device repaired in 4 quick and easy steps

Find Your Device


Find Your Device

Search for your device using the search bar, or manually choose the device type, brand, and model. Select the issues that your device is having, and feel free to select multiple issues.

Get Fixer Quotes


Get Quotes & Choose Your Fixer

Choose a quote that is best for you from a range of fixers near you. You can filter your results by price, distance, and review score.

Select Delivery


Choose a Delivery Method

With our delivery service, you can relax whilst we pick up your device and take it to the fixer to be repaired. We will then drop the device back off to you once the repair is complete. Alternatively, you can take your device to the fixer yourself and pick it up once the job is complete.

Pay and then review


Pay & Leave Review

For delivery jobs, pay using our secure payment tool once your device has been fixed. If you’ve opted to use self-service, simply pay for your job once you collect your device from the fixer. Leave a review of the fixer so that others can also find a price that is best for them.