How To Make Your Phone Charge Fast

Phone charging

If you don’t fancy waiting hours on end for your phone to completely charge, then read our below guide which will help you to charge your phone faster. These tips and tricks will help you to avoid the problems of a draining or damaged battery.

Use a Wall Charger

When a brand new phone comes through the door, you probably want to treat it like royalty. However, people often forget that the official wall charger that comes with the phone should be taken care of too. This is because they are appropriately made for charging your phone. So even if it is more convenient to charge your phone via the USB port on your laptop, try and charge your device via a wall charger, as wall chargers have a stronger output which will boost the charging speed. Also, take care when plugging in your device, as you want to avoid damaging the charging port on your brand new Apple or Android phone.

Turn Your Phone Off

This option may not be favourable, as it will means you will have no access to the digital world. Yet, long term, it will enable you to get onto your phone faster and be on it for longer as your phone will be equipped with the needed charge. Turning your phone off automatically closes apps running in the background. This means your iPhone or Android is not wasting its juice to keep other apps or processes running. I know you’re super excited to tell your friend about your busy weekend, but just sacrifice a little time and switch your device off, so that you can enjoy a long phone call after.

Turn Airplane Mode On

With a tap of a button, you can speed up the charging process of your phone. Turning on airplane mode specifically switches off connections to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and radio which drain your battery behind the scenes. However, like switching your phone off, it means you won’t be able to use your data, make or receive calls and texts until you switch airplane mode off. The thought of not being able to do the above seems scary at first, but it’s worth it when you have a fully charged phone in a space of no time. So, put on airplane mode, insert your charger and let the magic happen.