What will it cost to replace your cracked iPhone Screen?

Broken iphone screen cracked need repair

We struggle to live our lives these days without our phones so you should probably do your best to take your upmost care for it. But sometimes there’s nothing you can do when your brand new Apple iPhone drops on the floor face down leaving a large crack across the screen. Even some of the most protective screen protectors can do little from stopping your iPhone from having a damaged screen. 

If you’ve just dropped your iPhone and the screen is broken, then have a read of our handy guide below on what to do next. In this blog, we’ll go through what to do when your iPhone screen is cracked or smashed and walk you through the different options to get your iPhone repaired. 

Assess the damage

First things first, take a look at your iPhone screen and see how badly is damaged. If you have a screen protector on, then you might be lucky and find that the actual screen is not damaged at all. Otherwise, have a look to see whether the screen is fully smashed or there’s just hairline crack running across one part of the screen. 


Unfortunately, Apple probably won’t repair your phone for free if it has had physical damage and even if you have AppleCare+ you’ll have to pay a small charge. 

If you don’t have AppleCare+ you’ll have to pay anywhere between £130 and £400, depending on what iPhone you have. But note that this is only for a screen repair: if the iPhone’s frame, battery, or any other component is damaged, you could see yourself having a repair bill of over £500. Yikes. 

If you have AppleCare+, then you’re looking at a charge of approximately £40, but even then, Apple repairs can take a while. So if time is of the essence, take a look below of the alternative options to direct Apple repairs. 

Repair it yourself

We should point out straight away that we don’t recommend this option. It’s dangerous and can lead to permanent damage of your iPhone and not just the screen. It could also be dangerous if the screen is completely shattered and there are shards of glass sticking out.

Repairing an iPhone screen is not a simple process as there are a lot of tiny components inside the iPhone itself. One wrong move and you could easily damage a tiny cable or move something out of place, and it’s likely you’ll need to buy a brand new iPhone. 

You’ll also need a specialised toolkit to gain access to the inside of your iPhone, as Apple make their iPhones extremely hard to physically break into. And if Apple find out that you’ve tried to pry open your iPhone, it’s highly likely they won’t even consider repairing it, even for a charge. 

You’ll also need to buy one other item – the replacement screen itself. These screens aren’t cheap and it’s also hard for the average consumer to know which screen is a high quality one. As an individual purchaser, you’re also likely to pay a high price as you won’t be buying in bulk (unlike mobile phone repair shops).

The potential problems than can occur when repairing your own cracked iPhone screen mean that it’s simply not worth the risk. Read on below to see how you can get your cracked iPhone screen repaired quickly and hassle-fee. 

Use MyFixers

Instead of taking your iPhone directly to Apple and paying a large price or attempting to fix it yourself, which can dangerous and potentially even more costly, we recommend taking it to a specialist repair shop. 

Mobile phone repair shops have the expertise and specialised tools that are required to fix a broken or smashed iPhone screen. If necessary, they will replace the screen and fix any other issues that may have occurred when the phone was damaged, such as a damaged port or a dent in the iPhone’s frame. 

This is where MyFixers comes in. MyFixers compares prices for iPhone repairs across local repair shops near you. Whether your iPhone screen has a small hairline crack or a fully smashed screen, we will provide you with quotes from a variety of specialist repair shops. 

So if you’ve happened to drop your iPhone on the floor, and there’s a crack running across screen, the safest and most cost-effective option is to book a repair with a specialist repairer at MyFixers.  

To get your iPhone screen repaired, get a quote from a repair shop near you. We have selected reliable repair shops near you so book a repair to get your iPhone fixed hassle-free. And we’ll make sure that it’s repaired quickly and efficiently so that you can get your phone back in no time at all.

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