The best phone repair shops in Birmingham

Birmingham is home to dozens of electronic repair shops, who are capable of fixing smartphones, computers, and tablets. Most of these shops are local, family-run businesses which offer not only high quality repairs, but also excellent customer service.

Malik Tech is a trusted phone repair shop located on Witton Road in North Birmingham. It is located close by to Birmingham University, making it an ideal place for students to go and get their device repaired.

iBuzz Mobile, located on Pershore Road, is also a reliable phone shop with years of experience in repairing phones, tablets, and laptops. Plenty of restaurants and takeaways lie nearby, so you can take your device here and go and get a bite to eat whilst its being repaired!

The Fone Shop is known for its laptops repairs in North West Birmingham, but it also can reliably repair phones and tablets too. Located just north of the city centre, it makes an ideal place for those living in the north of the city to get their devices fixed.

Dr IT Services – Computer Repair has a prime location just west of the centre of Birmingham, making it an ideal place for those working in the city centre to get their phone, tablet, or laptop repaired. It can also be a fairly busy place, so you’re best off booking in for a repair using the link below.

Tech Solution, located in South East Birmingham, is an expert in phone repairs and laptop repairs. So whether your iPhone has a smashed screen or your Samsung has a damaged battery, you can be sure to rely on them to get your device fixed quickly and hassle-free.

So if you’re looking for a repair for your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet in Birmingham, then compare prices from local repair shops to get a quote that’s right for you. Let us know what’s wrong with your device and we’ll put together a list of quotes from Fixers near you. Feel free to sort quotes based on reviews, distance, and price. We have specialist phone shops, laptop shops, and tablet shops across the Birmingham region. Get repair quotes .