How to take good pictures


An good quality Instagram page or Snapchat story is hard to make. However, once you master the technique of holding your phone when capturing moments, it becomes very easy. And now, during the times of global pandemic, the only way to tell your friends and family what you’ve been up to during lockdown, is through showing them your digital photo album.

Read our below guide if you want to do justice to your precious moments and capture them in the best way possible.

Use a plain background

You find yourself with a photo that just isn’t right but can’t put your finger on what it is. Often, a complex background is the answer. Floral wallpapers do make a nice backdrop but they often drive away attention from the subject of the photo, leaving an unclear look. Simple colour block backgrounds, greenery and grand architecture are great as not much is going on. This ensures that focus remains on the main subject of the photo.

Use portrait mode

This option can be found on both Android phones such as Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S20, and Apple phones including the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The Snapchat app also provides this feature. Portrait mode allows you to take professional photos. It does this by blurring the background which emphasizes the subject of the photo. The shot will be sharp and vivid, resulting in a clean-cut finish.

Use natural lighting

Many people often resort to filters to improve the quality of their photos. However, nothing beats the power of natural lighting. The aim is to stand with the rays coming towards you rather than in front of them. This increases the quality of your photos and can have various effects as natural light can be both hard or soft, and therefore can give off cool or warm colour tones.

Hold your phone from different angles

‘Get my best side’ is frequently what you hear when you’re taking pictures of family and friends. They are not wrong and different subjects suit different angles. A bird’s eye view of your food is perfect for taking a picture. But when you’re going to a party or a restaurant, try crouching down and angling your phone from the floor to give that model look to your friend in her stunning dress.