5 cool Android features you didn’t know about

We’ve compiled a list of what we think are the 5 coolest features that you can try out on your Android phone which is running 7.0 (Nougat), or any later version. Some are incredibly handy in everyday life while others are just fun to play around with, but we’re pretty sure that you won’t know about all of them as they’re quite well hidden.

1. Screen pinning

Have you ever handed your phone to your mate so that they can make a quick call but are worried that they might take a sneaky peek in your gallery? Well you can actually lock your phone to just that one app that they need to use. Firstly, you have to make sure screen pinning is enabled: you can do this in the security section in settings. Then tap the overview key (the rectangular key at the bottom of your phone) to bring up all your recently used apps and push all the cards upwards. Tap the pin in the bottom right and there you have it: the latest app is locked to your screen. To exit this mode, you need to hold the overview and back keys at the same time and then unlock your phone.

2. Split screen

You can view apps side-by-side or view one app above another. Tap the overview key to bring up your recently used apps. Hold down an app and drag it to either the left side or top of the screen. Finally, tap on another app to bring it below or to the left of the one that’s already open.

3. Fast app switching

It’s no secret that tapping the overview key will bring up your recently used apps. But double tapping this same key will automatically switch between your 2 most recently used apps in an instant. And if you’re on the home screen, double tapping will take you to your most recently used app.

4. Smart lock

Another handy feature is smart lock, which will keep your phone unlocked in certain situations. Firstly, go to security section in settings and scroll down to smart lock. After entering your PIN, you’ll be able disable the lock screen when your phone is in your pocket, when you’re at a trusted place such as your home, or when it’s connected to a trusted device such as your car. nd there yo

5. Slow down and speed up animations

You’ll need to have access to developer options for this cool trick, which allows you to speed up or slow down animations when doing things such as opening and closing apps, dropping down menus and much more. To enable developer options, go to about phone in settings and repeatedly tap on build number. Developer options will now appear in the settings main page. Under developer options, scroll to drawing and you’ll find you can adjust Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale. Setting these to anything below the default 1x will make animations extra zappy, while setting them to anything above will seem to make your phone operate in slow-mo mode. l