5 cool iPhone features you didn’t know about


We’ve compiled a list of what we think are the 5 coolest features that you can try out on your iPhone. Some are incredibly handy in everyday life while others are just fun to play around with, but we’re pretty sure that you won’t know about all of them as they’re quite well hidden.

1. Quick calculator access

This handy feature will definitely in handy when you’re at a restaurant with your mates. Simply swipe right across the home screen, lock screen, or notification panel and you’ll have access the your iPhone’s calculator. You can then type in the operation you need and it’ll be calculated for you. Splitting the bill suddenly becomes a lot quicker!

2. 3D Touch

Most iPhones have the ability to access their apps’ features much quicker. All you have to do is hold down on an app and you’ll have access to things such animations and app menus. For example, holding down on the camera app will give you the option to take a selfie, scan a QR code, or record a video.

3. Keyboard to Trackpad

We’ve all had trouble trying to move the cursor when we’ve accidentally typed something in wrong. Luckily, you can turn the Apple keyboard into a trackpad by simply holding down the space bar. Now the cursor will move in whichever direction you choose to move.

4. Screen recording

After the release of iOS 11, iPhone users no longer need a third-party app to screen record. Enable this option by going to ‘settings’ > ‘control centre’,  and here you’ll have the option to put screen recording in the control centre. To start recording, bring up the control centre and choose the option to start recording. You can stop recording by brining up the control centre once again and choose the option to stop recording.

5. Custom vibrations

With custom vibrations, you can know who’s calling you without even checking your iPhone. Navigate to the contact in question, then select ‘edit’ > ‘ringtone’ > ‘vibration’, and then select the option to ‘create new vibration’. You can then create a custom a vibration by tapping or holding down in the area displayed.