5 tips for looking after your laptop

1. Install antivirus software

Using a laptop without any anti-virus or anti-malware software is a bit like riding a bike without wearing a helmet: even if you’re as careful and cautious as possible, there is the potential for a catastrophe. Even free software such as those provided by Avast and AVG will protect your laptop against threats such as spyware, online banking attacks, and malicious spam.

2. Close programmes that aren’t in use

Every computer has a form of data storage known as Random Access Memory (RAM) and each running programme takes up a proportion of this memory. Closing unnecessary programmes will speed up your laptop and also help to conserve battery life. You can also close programmes that are not responding using the Task Manager on Windows, or the Activity Monitor on a MacBook.3

3. Reduce the screen brightness

Just like mobile phones, one of the largest consumers of your laptop’s power is the screen and lowering the brightness will conserve a large amount of battery life. If you’re in a low-lit area, then there’s no need to blast the screen brightness all the way to its maximum. Pretty much all laptops also have an ‘eco’ setting, which will not only reduce the screen brightness, but also optimise battery power by limiting background activity.

4. Use a laptop case

Buying a laptop bag or a rucksack with a laptop compartment is a pretty useful investment, especially if you travel a lot, or if you need your laptop during your daily commute. t’s worth investing in a good-quality one too, so that your laptop is cushioned against any minor drops or bumps that might happen.

5. Be careful where you put your laptop

If you’re in the kitchen, be careful not to place your laptop near the edge of the counter or near the sink where water can easily splash onto it. And if you’re on holiday then don’t take it to the beach where sand can easily get inside of your laptop, or take it the swimming pool where it could get soaked in water. Closing the laptop lid as often as possible will also help prevent dust settling on the keyboard.