The Future of Computing Virtual Motion

The transformation

Touch is transforming how we interact with computers and motion control will do the same. Now that touch screens have moved the interaction beyond the monopoly of the mouse and keyboard union for the first time in 30 years, are we now at a point where we can put some distance between us and our computers?

Virtual computers and its contender

The real contender for the first series of virtual motion would be leap motion their device tracks the movement of hands in two square feet of space above it with unbelievable speed and accuracy. The Guardian held an expo and virtual motion were the only developers that really captivated the audience.

What can it do?

The short answer is, today, very little. Tomorrow? Well, I for one am a believer. What we have here is a limitation of imagination, not of technology. That is usually a catalyst for innovation.

How will this change the market?

I feel this will be heading in the direction of a new generation and will one day become the norm. The big question is how will giant corporations react to virtual motion, just to name a few organisations such as Apple , Samsung, Microsoft and Huawei. How will these organisations change the way our phones, tablets and laptops operate? These are questions yet to be answered and I feel these answers won’t come until some time.

How is it currently used?

There are a small number of applications ready on Airspace app store. Established game developers zeptolabs have ported ‘cut the rope’. This is the most fun I have ever had playing this game, and far more immersive than on the iPhone. Other games such as Puddle and Boom Ball are really good fun.

How will this impact the repair industry?

The industry has seen huge shifts in innovation and products have always changed year on year. This hasn’t stopped specialists from figuring out ways to repair and amend devices so I don’t believe virtual motion will change the industry at all.

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