How to repair a cracked or broken phone screen

broken phone screen

A cracked screen is one of the most common issues today’s smartphones face. Whether you’ve managed to drop your phone onto the pavement whilst walking or onto the kitchen floor, we’ve put together some tips that you can follow to get your phone working again.

Assess the damage

Before you do anything, take a look at your phone and see how bad the damage is. If some sort of picture is still being displayed, we’d highly recommend backing your phone up in case any further damage occurs. You could also put a plastic cover on the screen, or use some tape, to prevent any further damage from occurring.

Get it repaired

You could attempt to fix your phone by purchasing a replacement screen and carrying out the repair yourself. However we highly recommend not doing this as it is an extremely risky process, especially if you’re not experience in phone repairs. You could up doing more harm to your phone which could potentially lead to irreversible damage.

Instead, we recommend that you get your phone screen repaired by specialist repair shop. So if you’re not quite confident with opening your phone up, head over to to find repair shops near you and get quotes for screen repairs. It may end up being a tad more expensive, but your device will be in the hands of someone who replaces phone screens for a living.

Get a phone case

You can save yourself a fortune in repair costs by purchasing a screen protector. There are 2 main types: tempered glass protectors, which offer high protection due to their strong and thick design. On the other hand, plastic protectors tend to be cheaper than their glass counterparts but do not offer the same high-level protection.

A screen protector will protect the front of your phone from damage, but a good quality case will also protect the back and the edges. There are a variety of types on offer including plastic, silicon, and leather. Each has their own merits and drawbacks, but a good aspect to look out for is whether the case also acts as a bumper around the edges of your phone, which will likely protect the phone even if it falls screen-side down.