What should I do if I drop my phone in water?


Water damage is one of the most common issues today’s smartphones face. Whether you’ve managed to drop your phone into the sink or down the loo, we’ve put together some tips that you can follow to get your phone working again.

Get it out!

This may seem like an obvious thing to do, but you need to quickly grab your phone and get it out of the water. The longer your phone is having a bath, the more likely water will get inside and cause serious damage. As soon as you’ve got it out, quickly turn it off to prevent the circuit board from becoming toast.

Dry it

Once your phone is turned off, it’s time to dry it. If your phone lets you, remove the rear casing, battery, and any SD card that it may have. This will allow it to air out. It may be tempting to blow dry it, but the heat from the blow dry could lead to your phone becoming permanently damaged.

Stick it in rice

Even the above step will allow you to dry the outside of your phone, you still need to make sure the inside is dry. To do this, grab a bowl of (uncooked) rice, and stick your phone deep inside. The rice will draw out any water and moisture trapped on the inside, leaving your phone nice and dry. You’ll need to leave the phone in for around 3 days to get all of the water out, so you’ll probably need a replacement handset in the meantime.

Test it

Once you’ve taken your phone out of the bowl of rice, try turning it on and charging it. If all is working fine, then you’re good to carry on using it again.

If you’re having issues powering it on, charging it, or anything else, then you’ll need to have it checked out by a repair shop. Head on over to www.myfixers.co.uk/get-quotes to find repair shops near you and get quotes for water damage issues.